Gadget Show Live

Hi Everyone, was at gadget show live yesterday, was totally awesome!! Some many cool new thing coming out.
Some of the neat things to look forward to such as the Samsung Galaxy s4 (got to see two of the only s4's in the country).
Also got to see the new age in TV, the 4K TV's such high quality it makes you wondered why you would bother to go outside.
Or something for the kids, Sphero awesome toy check out there site Here
And one of my personal favourites Parrot AR Drone 2

Launched YMCA Cinderford Website

Built and Designed by Ryan Russell, for the Charity YMCA Cinderford, YMCA Cinderford is a snooker club in the heart of the Forest of Dean, open to all. Friendly and safe environment. Great place to learn snooker and socialise.

Launched because I'm a huge batman fan and found such a cool domain name which was to good to miss. So launched a holding page until have chance to build site further.